Project Background

Issued by In10, De Monsters created the ‘La Vache qui rit Spetter Game’ (Splash Game) for iPad, iPhone, Android, the web and Facebook. The briefing was short but clear, create a fun multiplatform game that has a relation with a swimming pool that La Vache qui rit will be giving away this summer. Our winning concept was a game where players climb on top of the highest diving board in the world, make beautiful jumps and end with a huge cannonball.

The core of the gameplay lays in short play sessions where you are rewarded for playing multiple times as you get better fast. As you increase your speed and make more moves while you dive towards the pool you keep beating your own highscore. If you do well enough you might even make it to the leaderboards, every day the best player wins an actual swimming pool.

Think you can beat the leading divers? You can download the app for free in the iOS and Android stores or even play it on Facebook.

Game plan

Create a simple game for young kids that is fun and addictive with a water theme

Play the game

The main goal for us was to create a fun, addictive game with a playful connection to the La Vache qui rit brand. We designed a short play session of less than 2 minutes where the key in getting a high score is a combination of speed, repetition and precision.

Win a pool

The game is part of a national campaign in the Netherlands that gives buyers of La Vache qui rit products a chance to win a swimming pool. The game, themed after the swimming pool, is free to play and every day the best player wins a swimming pool.

Cross Platform

The Spetter game must be available for every La Vache qui rit customer no matter if they use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. This game is created completely cross platform.


Sketches, interaction design, game design, visual design, illustrations and animation.

Interactive design

Start screen

Character selection screen

Highscores screen

Character design

Level design

We decided to create a playful illustrative style. We made sure that the style for the game could be combined with the typical La Vache qui rit style but still have its own feel. For example the illustrated pool on the game is based on the actual La Vache qui rit styled pool players can win by playing the game, everything else was created custom for this game.

As we started with the project with nothing but a blank sheet of paper, we went full circle in terms of design. Starting with some basic sketches in terms of game design and visual style going through interaction design, visual design, illustration and animation.

Cross-platform creation

Create apps that feel native using Adobe Flash and AIR, all from one codebase

The entire game is created in Adobe Flash which makes it perfect to use in the browser on the and
By using Adobe AIR we are able to create mobile versions for iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

Game Design

Make the game really easy for anyone to understand
while keeping you challenged to play for hours against yourself and your friends

Bubble combos

The game basics are very easy: tap, click or swipe the bubbles to get points. All bubbles appear in combinations of 5 bubbles. By succesfully removing a combination you get extra points and a +1 multiplier. Extra bonus points are given for fast combinations. Once the game progresses bubbles start to shrink which will make it harder to play.

Bubble multi tap

Tapping or clicking multi-tap bubbles will give you points just like normal bubbles. Difference is that they are only visible for a short period of time before each jump, random during the jump and right before the cannon ball finish.

1. Start

The game always starts with a multiplier multi tap bubble. Unlike normal multi-tap bubbles this bubble will boost the multiplier and the strength of your jump. The higher you jump the higher the potential for a big score.

2. Warming up

During the first stage all different bubble combinations are shown.

3. Combos

The combo stage is where you get most points. All bubble combinations appear in random order.

4. Cannon Ball

Just like in real life all good jumps into a simming pool end with a cannon ball. Two multi-tap bubbles are available to power up the cannon ball. Make sure you finish with a huge splash!


The Spetter game is really easy to play for beginners, but to get a good highscore you need to have speed and some skill. The highest scores are created when you draw gestures through the buttons instead of clicking or tapping them in the right order. The gestures do start at different positions and the direction changes during the game so you'll have to stay sharp to get a good highscore!


As a reward the best players are added to three leader boards:

  1. 1. Personal top 5 - all time.
  2. 2. Public top 5 - today.
  3. 3. Public top 5 - all time.

The goal of the game is to play and have fun so we decided not to ask players loads of personal information when entering the leader board. A nickname is enough for eternal glory.

La Vache qui rit, Spetter Game

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